There goes the wind, it’s got no worries

Swivels past the tress, meddling with the berries

Doesn’t think of what comes ahead of it

A mountain or a building or even a pebble for the sake of it

It’ll still flow with all its might

It doesn’t know what is fright

Not caring of how sturdy or puny the obstacles are

Just keeps flowing and goes really far

Wind takes beautiful long flight

Far away towards the twilight

It’ll keep going no matter what

Trembling and shaking and palpitating somewhat

Be the wind and flow

Hit the sunshine and glow

For the world is designed for you

A little green and a little blue…


The Peaceful Nazi Trilogy.

During the world war II, amidst the fights of the nations, the Beatles soothed the people by their music; gave people hope.

Hitler, in his cabin, enjoying and dancing to the song ‘Hey Jude‘ suddenly gets shot from behind. Hitler continues to dance as if some ant bit him. Bang, bang, bang! After three more shots to his back he realises that someone dares to ruin his dance time. Hitler turns around and tries to reach for his gun but before he gets it,

Bang! A headshot!

‘Who are you?’, asks Hitler.

The man finally unmasks himself.

‘John Lennon?!’

‘You can’t pirate our songs Adolf’, says Lennon, ‘We’ve spent blood and sweats for making them’.

Lennon wears his mask again and walks out the door.

‘Lets make a movie on this!’, exclaims Nolan sitting on the sofa, watching the entire scene.


We’ve been facing space problems since a very long time, haven’t we?

Now, you must be wondering which space I’m talking about here. Well, every possible space has become a problem in our lives. Don’t believe me? Read on.

Talking about space problems, India faces the most space problems than anyone else. Mostly because of its ever increasing population. And who’d know it better than the people who travel in Mumbai Local Trains. Trust me, it gets so packed sometimes that you actually become taller and thinner after a journey in it!(Just kidding but I really wish that was possible). Once when I was travelling in the Mumbai Local, it got so packed that I couldn’t even find space to keep my legs. Fuck yeah! I was in mid-air! So you see, I can also become superman sometimes just with the support of few people. I did try my best for making some space but it was useless so I gave up after sometime. I got so tired that I actually went to sleep in between and these dudes still kept me standing straight the entire time. Can you believe that?

But this is why Mumbai is special, isn’t it? Because of its awesome and unique crowd. #MC#BC

Talking about space problems, my phone always irritates me saying there’s low storage space. And this problem hasn’t left me since my childhood. No matter which phone I buy, no matter how much storage space it has, it’ll end up saying ‘LOW STORAGE SPACE’ after few months. So yeah, now I just ignore it as much as I can. But it’s not my phone’s fault though cause I have like 13k photos in my phone. Just the photos are taking so much space, and I’m not that jobless to sit and delete the unwanted pictures one by one, or maybe I am jobless but just too lazy to do it!

Talking about space problems, I’ve started taking more space than before now. What does that mean? It means I’m becoming fat! Like how is it fair guys? You run your ass out for 30 minutes everyday for 3 fudging months and you also follow a proper diet but your body shows no “noticeable change” and then for just one week you’re like fuck it and you eat anything you want and you end up being double of what you were before. Why? Why universe why? Why do you hate me so much? Argghhh *smh*

Talking about space problems, I’m sneezing since last night and it gets really annoying after a particular time. Cold has taken up some ‘space’ in my lungs. So yeah, that adds to my space problems as well.

Well, she also has asked for some space. It gets really difficult when the person asks for some space because then you start thinking that you’ve been less somewhere. And no matter how hard it is, you have to give her space cause that’s the need of the hour. I just hope that she’s fine.

So basically every space has become a problem in my life except the outer space. Wait, now that I think of it, the outer space also is a problem because it consists of the sun, and every person is just boiling here in India each and every f’ing day, and I always have a little more problem than everyone else, don’t I? I’m not even kidding this time. I perspire more than a normal Human-Being and as I’m in Mumbai and as Mumbai has a humid atmosphere, I literally transform into an open tap. Yeah, I have these super powers as well. People come to me for water and I just squeeze my finger and their entire bottle gets filled. For some odd reason even my sweat is cold. So enjoy everyone! A walking talking cooler!

So yeah, Space probably tops the list of ‘Problems in Rohit’s life‘.